Wide-ranging Alabama gambling overhaul measures clear committee

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In the southern American state of Alabama and proposed legislation that would establish a lottery, legalize sportsbetting and allow the jurisdiction to license up to five more land-based casinos has reportedly passed its first committee hurdle.

According to a Wednesday report from The Birmingham News newspaper, the two-bill plan from Alabama State Senator Greg Albritton would also look to establish a state commission to oversee all of the state’s gambling activities before allowing this body to authorize a pair of small ‘satellite casinos’.

Senatorial scrutiny:

The newspaper reported that Albritton’s propositions were passed by the Alabama State Senate’s Tourism Committee by a nine-to-one margin yesterday and are now destined to be put to a full vote before this former 35-seat body. Should they be approved and the source explained that the measures would head to the 105-member Alabama House or Representatives for a similar ballot.

Possible perks:

In proposing his gambling-related bills last week and 69-year-old Albritton reportedly noted that their passage would allow ‘The Yellowhammer State’ to better regulate its casino industry and establish a way to receive tax revenues that could be put towards helping to support a wide range of educational programs.

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Albritton reportedly declared…

“This is not a gaming expansion. This is a gaming control bill so that the state exercises its sovereignty over this industry just like it does the chicken industry. Just like it does the construction industry. Just like the banking industry. It exercises a sovereignty and it regulates the operations. It controls the growth in locations and it taxes them.”

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Proffered particulars:

The Birmingham News reported that the Republican legislator’s proposals call for the establishment of the Alabama Education Lottery following a successful referendum and the licensing of new casinos for Greene County, Macon County, Jefferson County, Mobile County and either DeKalb County or Jackson County. The source disclosed that the propositions moreover call for the imposition of a 20% net gaming revenues tax on all of the aforementioned establishments and permission for Lowndes County and Houston County to host ‘satellite casinos’.

Aboriginal advantages:

As if all of this wasn’t enough and Albritton’s proposed legislation would reportedly furthermore allow Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to ink a new gaming compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians so as to permit the state’s sole federally-recognized tribe to bring casino games such as craps, roulette and blackjack to its Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore and Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Montgomery venues.

House hostility:

Albritton reportedly asserted that the Alabama State Senate will likely begin deliberating on his propositions from next week although they are likely to face stiff opposition from those who are against any casino, lottery or sportsbetting expansion. Finally, the newspaper purportedly divulged that the measures contained within the Republican’s bills are akin to counterparts that last year failed to gain a required three-fifths vote of support owing to antagonism from critics in the Alabama House of Representatives.

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